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  1. Cindy Miller says:

    Fortunately (for me), I met Linda, Les and Claire(sp?) yesterday and I felt honored to be in the company of such positive Christian people. Thank YOU!

    I can’t tell you enough, how much your Random act of extreme kindness makes me try even more, to be a better person. I feel so blessed!

    I just came through a very dark period in my life with several significant losses of the people closest to me. Meeting Linda and her family, helped rekindle my Spirits.

    Please forgive me for talking while eating?

    THANK YOU for sharing your family and polkadotpraise site with me. I just figured out how to use the printer.

    I’ll be back.

    This site is an excellent idea. It is a compliment to receive a handwritten anything, in this century..

    I am very grateful! Hope we meet again, I am sure we will.


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