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Words matter when we are studying God’s Holy Word. To understand the meaning of scripture we need to know what the words mean that we are reading. God had a specific purpose for each word He inspired to be written.

Words mater when we speak. They cannot be taken back once they are spoken so we should choose our words carefully. Our words can heal, encourage, and bless or they can harm, discourage, and curse. We therefore, should think wisely before we share our words.

Words matter when we write them. We can leave a lasting legacy with carefully chosen words put in writing.

I chose to spend this week at Mt. Hermon Christian Writers Conference near beautiful Santa Cruz. Anything done for The Lord I want to do well, so I’m grateful for the classes offered at the conference preparing me for any future writing.

The last words of advice I received as the conference came to a close were the words written by Mark Batterson who had been our keynote speaker each night. In his book, Draw The Circle, he talks about “living for the applause of nail-scarred hands.” On Good Friday this is a perfect time to consider whose applause we live for and the words we can speak and write to glorify His name.

The Final Word shared by Punchy Paraphrases (Kettering Health Network) are words worth quoting as I say goodbye for now sweet friends and have a Blessed Easter. “Look,” the teacher said to his students, “it’s not that complicated. There’s only one lesson you must master; love. This is how you can tell the knock-offs from the real deal, the phonies from the faithful. You can be impeccably pure and doctrinally orthodox, right down to your decaffeinated, non-alcoholic, smoke-free, vegan, home-schooled souls, but if you don’t love, you’re like a $5.00 Rolex from Hong Kong.” “Everything I have ever taught you can be summed up in one word,” he said. “Love.” John 13:34-35

I leave you with these important words, spoken by The One whose nail-scarred hands have your name and mine written on them. He is Risen!

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