I recently gave a talk at a Women’s Tea at our daughter’s church. The talk was about the life of Leah from Genesis 29 and was titled “The King Is Enthralled With Your Beauty.”

Leah was described as having “weak eyes”, while her younger sister, Rachael was described as “lovely in form and beautiful”. Ecclesiastes 1:9 is so true; “There is nothing new under the sun.” As far back as the beginning of time people were focused on outward appearances. Leah’s father saw no marriage prospects for her so he had Leah dress up as the bride on Rachel’s wedding day and deceived Jacob into marrying the wrong woman. This lead to a lifetime of heart break for Leah as she desperately tried to win her husbands love, but Rachel remained the love of his life.

I shared with the women the story of the Ten Cow Wife (which I will share with you on my next Blog posting) and pondered how Leah could have been transformed if she’d been treated like a ten cow wife.

I Samuel 16:7 says, “Man looks at the outward appearance, but The Lord looks at the heart.” At a future Blog post I will also share how I’m teaching that verse to our six year old granddaughter.

The Lord saw Leah’s broken heart so He opened her womb and allowed her to be the mother of six of the twelve tribes of Israel, as well as a daughter.

With each child that was born to Leah we looked at what was going on in her life and related it to what could be happening in ours as well.

Leah lived most of her life living for the applause of Jacob, which didn’t appear to be reciprocated until her death.

Jacob did not give Leah the love she desired or deserved in life, but God blessed her with a very special gift to show His love. Her fourth son, Judah, was in the lineage of the Messiah, Jesus Christ. It was at Judah’s birth that there was a turning point in Leah’s life. She started praising God and finally looked to God to meet her needs and fill her cup.

Most young girls grow up reading (or seeing movies about) the fairy tales of a beautiful woman finding her Prince Charming and living happily ever after. Yet, some women are never blessed with an earthly love. No matter if we’re loved by an earthly mate or not, we need to be reminded of how The Lord sees us. Psalm 45:11 says, “The King is enthralled by your beauty.”

I saw a greeting card at The Mount Hermon Book Store that I’d like to give to all of us. It read: “ Beloved daughter of The King, you were made to shine from the inside out. No jewel or gem could ever out-sparkle the beauty of Jesus that radiates from who you are. There’s no one else on earth like you!”

If we can see ourselves through the eyes of Jesus, then we’ll know how dearly we are loved. He proved His love for us on the cross and promised a faithful love that will last forever.

I spent an hour talking about the life of Leah, but I’ve heard it said that a story is only as good as it’s ending, so I’ll move right to the ending.

The Lord was aware of Leah’s heartbreaking life, but the end of her story reminds us that He is not passive as we experience the disappointments of this life. We may not think we see Him working today, but He is ever present and ever active.

We now see that the end of Leah’s story would have delighted her. Her son, Judah, would be found in the lineage of The Messiah, Jesus Christ and her final resting place was next to the man she loved. Leah’s body was placed in the burial plot purchased by the patriarch, Abraham where Abraham and Sarah were buried, where Isaac and Rebekah were buried, and where Jacob asked to be buried, next to his wife Leah. She finally had a place next to her beloved husband that she didn’t have to share with her sister, Rachel.

Leah’s story had a good ending.

Your story and mine can have a great ending. The Good News for those in Christ is that our story never ends; there is no ending at all. We can share eternity with The King of kings – the King who is enthralled with our beauty!

Now that’s a very good ending to this Blog post.



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