Tea And Thee

O, Taste and See that the Lord is Good.   Psalms 34:8


Tea time is a special opportunity to pause from the busy pace of life, enjoy quiet time alone with God, sweet moments with your children or other loved ones, and share sweet conversations with friends. It doesn’t mean you have to use fine bone china or even drink tea if you prefer another beverage. It’s all about purposely turning from the frantic pace of life to enjoy the gift of time with others and intimacy with The Lord. I personally think if first of all you make time for a solitary tea with The Lord (and that may mean skipping tea all together for you) you’ll be refreshed and better able to plan time to spend with the special people in your life.

One of the best gifts you can give your little friend or grown up lady friend is an invitation to share quality time with you. It’s fun to pull out favorite teacups and set a scene that is out of the ordinary, that with not a lot of effort says, “you’re special and this time with you is a special occasion.” My Mother Dear and I share teatime every afternoon at her house. I have my favorite teacup of hers that I always use. It’s our time of day to connect as mother and daughter, for me to listen to how her day has gone, and for us to recall past memories and enjoy and cherish the gift of “today” together. When our daughter was young I started taking her to the first teahouse in our city, which really was a special treat. It was very special mother/daughter time. It gave me an opportunity to teach her about manners and gave her a fun time of enjoying being a girl. I purchased a tea set for her from the teahouse so we could have our own after school tea parties. We even found a more masculine set for our young son so that on cold, rainy days the three of us could share a tea party after school (which was more times than not hot chocolate instead of tea). When our eldest grandchildren were young I tried to incorporate a tea party with something we had just baked together. When babysitting our youngest grandchildren I started them with a plastic teapot and cups on the picnic table outside and just served water. The act of pouring water into their cups by themselves delighted them.

So, when I talk about a tea party it can be anything from water in a plastic teacup all the way to a full afternoon tea with tea sandwiches, scones, and sweets served on fine bone china. Yet, they all serve the same purpose, sharing the gift of time with those I love and care about.

You can keep home made treats in the freezer to pull out for the spur of the moment tea party or keep a small supply of your favorite store bought treat in the freezer. I like to keep decorated sugar cubes on hand because that alone with a cup of tea makes a statement (and for most children it is the favorite part of the tea party).

I will share with you a few snippets from the upcoming book called Tea and Thee that my friend Cathy and I are working on. The book will be filled with great tea recipes, tea party ideas, and devotions. The chapters are bookended by a Solitude Tea (the most important tea for us) and the Traveling Tea (the most important one we believe to God as it focuses on reaching out to others, taking a tea party to someone who can not get out and someone who may never even remember the kind gesture, but for a short while was brought great delight by companionship and love). I will let you know when the book is completed.

Cathy’s Christmas gift to me each year is a batch of scones from her “secret” recipe. It has become a tradition in our family to look forward to these scones every Christmas morning for breakfast. Even our son-in-law would be greatly disappointed if Cathy stopped her traditional gift. Perhaps you can be on the hunt for your favorite scone recipe that you turn into a traditional gift for your friends. My Mother and I are always trying new scone recipes. The search for a new favorite recipe is just something we love to do together. My Mother Dear has a reputation of putting on wonderful tea parties. In fact a special little friend from her church asked Mother to give a tea party in celebration of her 9th birthday. So at age eighty-nine my amazing Mother delighted her nine year old friend, as well as the other little girls who were invited.

I think you will see that the Tea and Thee section of the Web Site will be great fun. Stop by regularly to see what’s new as I will share ongoing ideas and recipes. Perhaps you can pour yourself a cup of tea to enjoy as you browse.