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Our family has been blessed to have the joy of ushering in each new year in beautiful Yosemite. I have a personal tradition of walking/hiking (some years while recovering from knee surgery or this year with the road covered in ice it has felt more like a hike) to a favorite spot that gives a dramatic view of the Merced River below. It is a special time for me to be alone with The Lord as a new year begins. As I look up stream it reminds me to pause and give thanks to God for the year He has just brought me through; for His provision, guidance, and love. As I look down stream I think of the new year ahead of me. I can see the river for just a short distance then it turns around the trees and is out of sight. This view reminds me that I may think I know a few things planned in the new year because I’ve already got events and goals marked on my calendar, but the truth is only The Lord knows what the new year holds. What I do know for certain though is Who will be shepherding me through the coming year. I know The Lord will be with me no matter what occurs in the next twelve months, joy or sorrow, and that truth fills me with His peace as I place my trust in Him and look forward to walking it with Him.


This January 2017 was no exception to my encounter with The King of kings and Lord of lords on the mountaintop overlooking His beautiful creation. I have entered the new year with faith and trust in Him and in great expectation of what He will be doing in and through me, and all of you, over the next weeks and months of our lives. He has chosen this to be the season that I begin a Blog on my Polka Dot Praise Web site. I am excited about this new adventure because it means I will be communicating with you regularly and meeting new friends along the way. As I walk with God on this journey I will pause each week to greet you, share in what The Lord is doing in my life, and offer a verse for all of us to ruminate on until the next weeks blog. I love that this new beginning was planned and orchestrated by God – and that you are joining me on this adventure walk with our awesome Creator. May He bless our time together and may He be glorified.


Happy new beginnings to you as you look forward in faith to what The Lord reveals to you in your walk with Him.

Here’s to walking faithfully with our God!


Genesis 5:22 “Enoch walked with God…”

Genesis 6:9 “Noah was a righteous man, blameless among the people of his time and he walked with God.”


God was pleased with Enoch and Noah’s walk with Him. How can we walk in a way that would also be pleasing to Him?

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