Cancer T-Shirts

I purchased a t-shirt with the “Cancer is so limited” poem by Robert Lynn on it for my beloved Auntie Lou when her cancer was first diagnosed. Eight years later I brought her home from the hospital on Hospice and cared for her the final two months of her precious life. It was during that time that I saw this poem come alive. It is true, there is a lot cancer can do (and did do to her precious body), but there was so much it couldn’t do and didn’t take away. I found Mr. Lynn, the author, and wanted to be sure he received credit for penning the inspiring words of his poem. I thought I couldn’t possibly love my Auntie more, but the cancer journey with her revealed even a deeper love than I knew. I wanted to create my own t-shirt (with polka dots of course) in her memory, as an encouragement to other women going through cancer and its treatment, and to honor The Lord who paid the ultimate price for victory over sin and death and gave our hope of eternal life with Him.

If you have been diagnosed with cancer and are undergoing treatment my love and prayers are with you. I trust The Lord will be your Shepherd, guiding you and comforting you through this journey. I hope this t-shirt helps to remind you of what cancer cannot do as you experience some of the things it is doing.

If you are a cancer survivor as is my husband and many dear friends I rejoice with you. More than most people you realize the precious gift of today.

For all of us, may the profound six verses of Psalm 23 be our source of encouragement, peace, and hope…no matter what we face in this life.