Meet Linda

I was born in 1949 to a father and mother who loved me, loved each other, and loved The Lord. It is a very special gift indeed to know I’ve been loved every day of my life. I grew up in the 50’s when life seemed simple and sweet. My brother, sister, and I had great imaginations as we created fun and adventures long before our family owned a television set. I had a good childhood with good friends, good teachers (Mrs. Reardon, the greatest!), a childhood sweetheart who made me feel special, a good upbringing that taught me to be respectful, appreciative, and gave me a good foundation in understanding the truth of the Bible and in loving The Lord.

Linda at tea time
Linda at Tea Time

My parents raised dahlias commercially, introducing ninety-three new varieties, of which all our family has a namesake. Almand’s Dahlia Gardens has the only American dahlia in the Royal Trial Gardens in England, so I am very proud of all my parents hard work and accomplishments. Since I was surrounded by flowers perhaps that is why most of my photography seems to include flowers.

My Mother Dear had a teacup collection kept on a shelf in our living room, but it wasn’t until after our children were grown that I developed a love of teacups and tea parties. This must be why I’m tempted to stick one of my favorite teacups in the photographs I take. I am especially attracted to older teacups.

I’m not quite sure when I was drawn to the cheerfulness of polka dots. I do remember choosing a green and white polka dot fabric for an outfit I made in Home Economics and hearing that my Dad’s favorite dress of my Mother’s was polka dot. At any rate, I’m drawn to polka dots. I always have polka dots on my toenails and just had to have a polka dot border on our postcards.

Arnett Church 2
Wedding February 2, 1974

I’ve been blessed with forty-one years of marriage to my beloved husband, Les, who is a periodontist and currently teaching at Loma Linda University-School of Dentistry. I have the joy of being Mother to two amazing children, stepmother to two special stepchildren, and Grannie/Ninnie to four precious grandchildren (ages 4-23). I was a practicing dental hygienist until my neck gave out, and now wonder how I ever had time to work. My passion is to glorify The Lord in all I do. I give thanks with a very grateful heart for His love, His grace, His mercy, and His blessings, of which there are many. The past year my days have been full as I’ve cared for my Mother Dear after two falls, made as many visits possible with our darling grandchildren in San Diego, been Trustee for two estates, written a book, and launched Polka Dot Praise. The one truth I always return to no matter what arises is that “His grace is sufficient.” Actually, it is more than sufficient, as The Lord gives His joy right in the busyness and sometimes messiness of life. I am filled with joy that He has brought me to this day where I can say “welcome to Polka Dot Praise!” Have a blessed day and please return again soon.